Objects May Shift is a collective effort. Danmeng Wei shares insights on disciplinary rigor in a cross-disciplinary context.

Exhibition design can be seen as a bridge between content (the objects) and the audience, ensuring the narrative flows logically and emotionally through the spatial arrangement and graphic elements. Creating an environment that enhances the object’s visibility is as important as creating an immersive experience that engages and educates. From my perspective, collaborative synergy between curators, exhibition designers, graphic designers and artists is key to aligning the conceptual underpinning of an exhibition with its physical representation.

Objects May Shift is a carefully crafted and thorough, cross-disciplinary exhibition that rethinks traditional disciplinary design practice. The objects presented in the exhibition are diverse and range from installation to the performative, highlighting the intersections of craft and design and finding common ground in challenging the status quo.

My training in Interior Architecture aided the development of Objects May Shift primarily in spatial planning, thematic integration and, of course, in more practical considerations including lighting and circulation. In developing Objects May Shift, I worked alongside graphic designers, furniture designers, textile designers and ceramicists to develop a graphic language and identity for the exhibition. Bringing together so many different creative minds allowed for vibrant conversations about how to integrate graphics with a spatial experience. Crucial to developing the digital assets was an emphasis on extending the exhibition narrative beyond the confines of the exhibition.

Exhibition design is about telling a story. Throughout the design process we worked together as a community to develop narratives that are locally relevant and broadly appealing. It is our hope that our exhibition will trigger deeper discussion between audience, content and our contemporary world.


BFA Interior Architecture

Danmeng Wei is an interior architect who pursues exhibition design and adaptive reuse projects. In her practice, Danmeng has always been committed to creative, adaptive and sustainable design. Designing for sensory experiences and community improvement has been a constant inspiration for her.

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