Objects May Shift is a collective effort. Eunji Park shares insights on disciplinary rigor in a cross-disciplinary context.

For me, space is a void filled with infinite possibilities. Exhibition design offers a dynamic space full of complexity and requires the fusion of concept, graphics, spatial arrangements and audience experience. Despite the inherent complexity of managing these dynamics, what makes exhibition design appealing to me is the chance to craft narratives that unfold throughout the space. As a graduate student in Interior Architecture with a focus on exhibition design, guiding visitors to engage, reflect and gain insights from the displayed objects and space motivates my approach.

Objects May Shift is characterized by its emphasis on collaboration. Designing the exhibition has required us to navigate a diverse array of art and design pieces from various creative disciplines, each carrying its own unique narrative. I worked on a team of seven focused on display strategies. Our objective was to construct a space where each work would influence and enhance the others—to highlight individual works while simultaneously enriching the overall exhibition space. To achieve this, we grouped works with complementary conceptual underpinnings and paid careful attention to how the orientation of work in the booth would impact circulation and the overarching visitor experience.

Blurring the boundaries between distinct disciplines resulted in creating new narratives and, in effect, a new context for the displayed objects.


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Eunji Park is an interior architect specializing in exhibition design and narrative environments. Integrating her BFA in visual communication design, she seeks to transcend conventional disciplinary boundaries and create immersive spaces. The essence of her creations is to motivate individuals to expand their horizons through thoughtful engagement in spatial experiences.


Satellite Salone | Booth A10
Fiera Milano, Rho Strada Statale Sempione, 28,
20017 Rho MI, Italy

20 Washington Place
Providence, RI 02903-1358