Objects May Shift is a collective effort. Mighty Wanitprapha shares insights on disciplinary rigor in a cross-disciplinary context.

Exhibitions showcase work and present an opportunity to unite diverse groups: students, faculty, industry professionals and institutions. They serve as a melting pot of ideas, creativity and collaboration, where each participant finds space to contribute, learn and grow. This communal aspect of exhibitions allows us to create a platform where every voice can be heard and every story told.

When we approached branding for our collective exhibition, Objects May Shift, the opportunity presented a dual responsibility: to create a narrative that unified the works by students from various art and design disciplines and to emphasize RISD’s studio culture, which prioritizes iterative process and making. The central theme of continual transformation provided fertile ground for us to shape a brand identity that resonates with the fluidity and adaptability of creative processes.

In our efforts to cultivate Objects May Shift, sustainability and the potential evolution of the brand post-exhibition were crucial considerations for us. Our digital strategy, designed as a living archive, is critical in preserving and adapting the exhibition over time. Incorporating artist profiles, behind-the-scenes insights and narratives of creative processes ensures that the brand remains dynamic and that it reflects ongoing developments while maintaining its connection to the studio culture's philosophy. This immersive branding ecosystem enables Objects May Shift to live and have impact beyond the physical exhibition at Satellite during Salone del Mobile; it fosters a sense of belonging, inspires new ideas and encourages collaboration across different sectors.

For me, branding within these spaces is more than just a marketing tool; it's an essential element that supports and uplifts the entire ecosystem. 


BFA Graphic Design
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Mighty (Paphonvit) Wanitprapha is a Thai brand strategist, community designer and graphic designer. His work primarily lies in creating organizations that help empower communities, directing events, programming, exhibitions and experiences and working with individuals and brands to improve community outreach. His passion lies in creating identities, spaces and experiences that encourage self-discovery and the pursuit of self-actualization among peers.

Satellite Salone | Booth A10
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20017 Rho MI, Italy

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